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Up to $300 in notes

Nordstrom does NOT offer discount codes or coupons for the price reduction at checkout. Instead of that, you can receive a Nordstrom note. You will get a $20 Nordstrom Note for every 2000 points.

  • You will earn 1 point per dollar (applies for Nordstrom Rewards members)
  • You will earn 2 points per dollar (applies for Nordstrom cardholders)

Technically, it is a reward program, but it can also be considered as 1% or 2% off your purchase (without entering a coupon code).

No annual fee for the Nordstrom Rewards program. The Note can be used on your next purchase at any Nordstrom store, online, or at Nordstrom Rack.

Other promotions and codes

  • BRIGHT, FIRM, LIFT – There are these 3 Shiseido 6-pc gift sets available online and instore at Nordstrom. Yours when you spend $75 or more.
  • FIRMING SUPER – Spend $65 or more on Clarins and choose two five-piece gifts (up to $80 value).
  • FREESHIP – Although Nordstrom advertises “Free shipping. Free returns. All the time.” you might have experienced some exclusions. They ship almost everything for free. However, as stated in T&Cs: International orders and Nordstrom Rack stores aren’t eligible for free shipping. In this case use this coupon code.


Important information regarding Nordstrom coupon policy:

Nordstrom doesn’t create coupon codes which provide additional discounts.

You can see “nordstrom promo code 20 off” on other websites, but they are fakes. However, there are codes which provide you with free gifts when you make a specific purchase (gifts with purchase offers – GWP offers). Usually, you have to make a purchase worth a certain amount and then you will be eligible for a free gift(s). You can check the latest available offers here.

Expired codes:

  • CHANGE, DESTINY, PERSON – Enter one of these 3 promo codes to choose your free cosmetics bag containing deluxe samples. Online only. Yours free with your $450 SK-II purchase.
  • BEAUTIFUL or MODERN – Choose one of 2 available bonus gifts with your $52 Estee Lauder fragrance purchase.
  • LASH or SKIN – Choose your free gift with your purchase of three or more Benefit mini items. Receive a logo-stamped stocking and your choice of deluxe mini Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara or The POREfessional Face Primer one of two.
  • SUPER or FIRM – Choose one of two Clarins gifts when you spend $75 on Clarins instore at Nordstrom or online. Note that instore offer may vary. Up to $66 value.
  • MEDIUM, LIGHT or DARK – Online only; spend $50 or more on beauty or fragrance and choose a 13 piece gift by entering one of these 3 codes at checkout.
  • EYES or CHEEK – There is Estee Lauder GWP offer at Nordstrom and you can choose one of two 7-pc gifts. Yours with $35 Estee Lauder purchase.
  • LIFT, PROTECT, HYDRATE– Enter one of these codes when you buy Lancome products and you will receive a free 7-pc Lancome gift set. There are 3 gifts to choose from. Minimum purchase to be eligible for this promotion is $39.50.
  • RENEW, LIFTING, FIRM, BRIGHT – Choose your free gift with any $75 Shiseido purchase. Up to $107 value. Here are the options.
  • WOMENS, MENS – Receive five eau de parfum samples with your $195 Parfums de Marly purchase.
  • PINK or BLACK – Receive deluxe samples of Mon Paris body lotion and parfum (click to see an image) with your $128 Yves Saint Laurent women's fragrance purchase.
  • PROTECT or FIRM – Celebrate Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom with a free 6-pc Estee Lauder gift. Two gifts to choose from (up to $150 value). You will qualify when you spend $45 on EL.
  • LIFT or HYDRATE or REPAIR – Receive a free Lancome gift (value at up to $118) when you spend $42.50 at Nordstrom. There are 3 gifts to choose from. Spend $75 and upgrade your gift with another 3 freebies.
  • CREAM, PEACH or GRAY – Make $75 beauty, fragrance or grooming purchase and receive a full canvas pouch with deluxe samples.
  • PINK, RED, HOTPINK, PLUM, NUDE – Buy 2 lipsticks and choose 1 free (choose from five full-size Lipsticks). A promo code requred, offer available online and instores.
  • BALM, FIRM, MULTI, SUPER – Shop Clarins products at Nordstrom online or in selected U.S. stores and choose one of these three-piece gift-sets (up to $98 value).
  • GIFT1, GIFT2 – Make Estee Lauder purchase now online on and if your order will be over $35 you are eligible to enter one of these codes to receive a free gift-set.
  • FIRM, BRIGHT or RENEW – There are 3 Shiseido gifts at Nordstrom. To qualify you have to spend $75. Up to $98 value.
  • MODERN (sold out) or PLEASURES – purchase Estée Lauder fragrance online or in U.S. stores and choose from three four-piece gifts. Minimum purchase: $55.
  • LIFT, HYDRATE or REPAIR – shop Lancome products and enjoy a free 7-pc gift. There are 3 gifts available - yours with any $39.50 purchase.
  • SKIN2 or SKIN3 – Spend as little as $10 and will be qualified for a free 3-pc Clinique gift. There are 2 Clinique gifts to choose from.
  • GREY or BLACK – Choose 1 of 2 cosmetics giftsets when you purchase skincare or makeup (min $85) at Nordstrom. Promo code required.
  • MAKEUP or SKINCARE – Spend $75 on Clarins cosmetics and enjoy one of two 5 piece gifts. Up to $48 value. If you spend $25 more you will receive another 2 samples.
  • BLUE or PINK or PURPLE – Make a skincare purchase of $125 or more and you can choose one of three free these cosmetics bags. Each one is filled with 15+ samples. Up to $210 value.
  • CHEER or JOY – spending $100 or more on beauty or fragrance? You could enter one of these codes and enjoy this big 15-piece gift (up to $113 value).
  • RESTORE, FIRM, ACTIVE or HYDRA – these codes can be applied when you purchase Clarins totaling of $75 or more. You will receive one of the five-piece 5-piece gifts. Online an in US stores only.
  • MAKEUP or SKINCARE – Choose from two 12-piece free gifts - with any $125 SPACE.NK.apothecary purchase.
  • NEUTRAL, IVORY, VANILLA, or GOLDEN – Spend $27 on Clinique at Nordstrom (online or in US stores) and enter one of these four coupon codes to qualify for a free 7-piece Clinique gift.
  • GIFT1 or GIFT2 or GIFT3 or GIFT4 – If you purchased any Estee Lauder produc(s) totalling $35 or more you were eligible to enter one of these codes and receive one of four 7-pc Estee Lauder gifts.
  • BRIGHT or HYDRATE or FIRM or RENEW – If you purchased two or more Shiseido skin care items and you were qualified to receive one of 4 Shiseido gifts. The promotion was available in October '16 online and in US Nordstrom stores.
  • COOL or WARM – Spend $39.50 or more on Lancome online or instore at Nordstrom and enter one of these promo codes to qualify for a free 7-pc set of deluxe Lancome samples. Note that the COOL promo code is not valid (sold out).
  • ORANGE, GREEN or BLUE – Spend $50 or more on Clarins products at Nordstrom now and choose from three sets of deluxe samples. Each sample includes 2 Clarins products and a handy cosmetic bag (up to $37 value).
  • SKINCARE or MAKEUP online only. Spend $155 on Beauty and you will receive a free 24-pc gift, plus enter one of these promo codes and you will receive another bonus gift.
  • PINK, BLUE or ORANGE – Making a beauty purchase? Spend $50 or more on beauty or fragrance and choose one of three sample packed bags.
  • no promo code needed – You could sign up as a new member of Nordstrom rewards (it's free, no need a Nordstrom credit or debit card) and get $10 promotional certificate. This certificate can be used online and instore during Anniversary sale (July 22 - August 7).
  • LIFT, GLAM, REPAIR – There is currently the Nordstrom Anniversary sale going on now - you can enter these codes with your Estee Lauder purchase to receive one of three seven piece gifts.
  • WARM or COOL – Spend $42.50 on Lancome cosmetics and choose WARM or COOL variant of your free 6-piece gift.
  • MULTI or FIRMING or SUPER – Choose from three five-piece Clarins gift-sets - free with any $75 Clarins purchase.
  • AIMEE – Shopping Laura Mercier products? Enter this code and you will receive a free a full-size Crème Smooth Lip Colour.
  • TEAL, LIME, PINK or GREY – Receive one of 4 travel bags with deluxe samples (up to $85 value). Enter one of these codes at checkout to apply. Note that you have to make a qualifying purchase of $50 or more (beauty, fragrance or men's grooming).
  • LIGHT, LTMED, MEDIUM or DEEP – There is Clinique Bonus going on now at all U. S. Nordstrom store and online. A free 7-pc gift with any $27 Clinique purchase.
  • SUPRE, HYDRA, BALM or FIRMING – spend $75 on Clarins products at Nordstrom and you are eligible to enter one of these codes to receive a free three-piece set of deluxe samples.
  • COOL1, COOL2, WARM1 or WARM2 – Choose one of 4 available gift-sets at Nordstrom and receive a Harper’s Bazaar cosmetics bag with six Estee Lauder products inside. Free with $35 EL purchase.
  • LIFT – It’s The Beauty Event at Nordstrom; Enter this code to receive the LIFT variant of the Lancome gifts – free with your purchase of $39.50 or more. Note that REPAIR and HYDRATE gifts have already sold out.
  • FAIR, LIGHT, MEDIUM, TAN or DEEP – with any $50+ beauty or fragrance purchase receive one of five Magif Coundation sample packets.
  • SUPER, FIRMING, MULTI or HYDRA -Spend $75 on Clarins cosmetics at Nordstrom and choose one of four 5-piece Clarins gifts.
  • BRIGHT, FIRM, HYDRATE or RENEW – enter one of these codes to get one of 4 six-piece Shiseido gift set. Yours free with any 2 Shiseido qualifying buys.
  • GLOW or RENEW – With any fragrance and beauty purchase of $55 or more you will receive a six-piece mask gift curated for you.
  • REPAIR or EVEN – Spend $29 on Clinique at Nordstrom and you are eligible to enter one of these codes. You will receive an 8-pc gift with Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream (REPAIR) or with Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer (EVEN). The 8-pc Clinique gift is back in stock now in January 2016.
  • MIRACLE or BODY or GLOW – spend $90 on Charlotte Tilbury and choose from three skincare samples.
  • SUPER, FIRM OR MULTI – enter one of these code at Nordstrom (online or in stores) and you will receive Clarins gift for free. The codes are valid with Clarins purchases over $80.
  • STRIPE – Spend $50 on any beauty products and receive a festive stocking filled with 22 perfume, makeup and skincare samples (a $45 value).
  • LIFT – spend $45 on Estee Lauder cosmetics at Nordstrom and enter this code in order to receive a 9-piece gift. Free.
  • PLEASURES or BEAUTIFUL – you are eligible to enter one of these code if you have Estee Lauder products worth over $55 in your shopping bag. You will receive free parfum, body lotion, lipstick and a cosmetics bag. Online and in U.S. stores.
  • MAGIC, CLAY or EYE – Spend $90 on Charlotte Tilbury and receive 3 samples. Online only.
  • 102, 104, 106, 204 or 208 -These numbers are promo codes. You can enter one of them if you will make any beauty or fragrance purchase and you will receive a special deluxe sample.
  • WATER or HARDCREAM or CLEAM or CLAY – Choose one of these promo code when you are making Baxter of California purchase and you will receive gift – a sample pomade (0.17 oz.) for free.
  • PROTECT or LIFT – a purchase of Estee Lauder* will eligible you to enter one of these codes and receive free 8-pc gift. *Min. purchase of $45.
  • LIFT, REPAIR, HYDRATE – Enter one of these 3 coupon when you have Lancome products in your bag (at least in total value of $39.50) and you will receive 7-piece Lancome gift-set.
  • FIRM, MOISTURE, RENEW – these codes will work if you have added at least two Shiseido skincare items into your shopping bag.
  • BLUE or PINK – with 80+ dermalogica purchase you will receive Precleanse, Skin Resurfacing Cleanser and Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 and 3 cosmetic bag in your choice of color – blue or pink. Promo code required to be entered at checkout.
  • FIRM or MULTI or SUPER – Enter one of these codes when you have Clarins products in your shopping bag in total value of $85 or more. A 5 piece gift will be added in your shopping bag. Promotion is available online and in the U.S. stores (note that offer instore may vary).
  • COOLDAY or WARMDAY or SUPREME or LIFT – choose and enter one of these codes to get free Estee Lauder gift. Valid on EL purchases over $45.00 while supplies last. The promotion ends during the first week of August 2015.
  • WARM or COOL – there is an ongoing Anniversary sale at Nordstrom which means that there are a lot of free gifts (especially in the beauty section). Use these codes when you make a purchase of Lancôme products in total value of $42.50 or more and you will receive one of two available 7-piece travel sets.
  • TEAL or CORAL or PURPLE or GREY – Now while supplies last, spend $50 on beauty, fragrance or grooming and you are eligible to choose from 4 sample-packed gifts. Promo code is required and it selects the gift.
  • COOL or WARM – use one of these promotional codes when you make a purchase of Clinique products (in total value of $32 or more) to get a free 7-pc gift (including a cosmetics bag with 6 Clinique products inside). Click here for picture.
  • SUPREME or LIFT or PROTECT – You can now choose 3 free gifts (each one includes 7 cosmetics items) with any $45 Estée Lauder purchase. Use one of the codes below to choose the variant. Moreover, spend $75 and receive an extra bonus in value of $25. Click here for the picture.
  • HYDRATE or LIFT – Spend $39.50 on any Lancome products on Nordstrom and choose your 7-pc gift.
  • CHANEL – Enter this code at checkout and claim complimentary CHANEL gift – with any beauty purchase (no required amount to spend).
  • SATIN – Make any BareMinerals purchase (over $25.00) and receive a free foundation (Satin shade).
  • WHITE or BENE – Shiseido skincare products and receive 6-pc gift
  • SUPER, MULTI, FIRMING – Enter one of these codes to select from 3 deluxe travel-size skincare trios. FREE. It will work when you make $75 Clarins purchase.
  • REPAIR or LIFT – With any Estee Lauder products purchase receive an 8-piece gift. FREE. Click here to show photo of the gift.
  • Make a purchase of any 3.3 oz. Bond No. 9 fragrance spray purchase
    coupon: HER coupon: HIM
    Enter this coupon for: Scent of Peace pocket spray (0.2 oz.) Enter this coupon for: The Scent of Peace for Him pocket spray (0.2 oz.)
  • If you are a Lancome fan, be sure to stock up your cosmetics products and get free* Lancome gift. Enter promo code: MULTI or SMOOTH or MOISTURE. Show photo. *Purchase of $39.50 is required. (This might be sold out already, check the availability on the retailer’s website)
  • Enter one of these promo codes: RESTORE, LIFT, FIRM or SMOOTH to get free Clarins gift. To qualify for a certain gift you must make a Clarins purchase over the value of $80.00.
  • RMRED or RMBLUE – Buy 1 Minkoff handbag and get a second free. This promo is applied when you purchase a bag worth at least $250. The free bag (valued at $95) is in red or blue colour (use particular code)

    Where to enter the code on the website?

    When you click on the shopping bag there is no space to enter your discount code.

    1. Click on the “checkout” button in the top right corner, located just next to your shopping bag, and log in with your Nordstrom username and password.nordstrom-checkout-button
    1. Scroll down the page and you will see under the option of paying with gift card a box to enter a promotion code.
      nordstrom-checkoutClick the apply button, the page will be refreshed. You will be informed if the promo code is valid or expired.


    What is the Nordstrom rewards program?

    nordstrom-cardsBased on the simple idea: the more you spend the more you are rewarded. When you are part of this program you can start collecting points.

    You will earn 2 points for every 1 dollar spent at Nordstrom (online and in-stores, including Nordstrom Rack stores).

    Then you can exchange your points: 2000 points = 20$ Nordstrom note (can be used for any purchase at Nordstrom).

    Moreover, you can get a special bonus ($20 Bonus Note) with your purchase of $100+ with your Nordstrom card on the day you apply for it. Apply for the card and be a part of Nordstrom rewards program today!



    Is it possible to order at Nordstrom with a postal address outside the U.S.?

    Yes, you can. International orders are handled with Nordstrom’s partner – Borderfree. This shipping method doesn’t provide you with the benefit of Free shipping, as well as Free returns. Also please note, that you cannot use your Nordstrom reward card for these orders.

    What are the shipping costs in the United States?

    It depends on the method ($0 – $35). Nordstrom offers Free standard shipping. There are also other shipping methods – Two business day shipping for $15 and Next business day for $25. In both cases your order must be placed before 3pm EST the current day. There is also a Saturday delivery option for $35 and your order will be on your doorstep on Saturday (available for selected items only).

    Can I order online and pick it up in-store?

    Yes. While shopping online select “Store Availability”, enter your ZIP and the items that are in stock in your region will be shown.



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      Get a one-time use $20 off $100 coupon the same day you apply! Plus, every 2,000 points you earn gets you a $20 off Nordstrom coupon. No code is required.

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      a discount code (%) needed! any of them?